As a company, we are committed to creating a safer space and inclusive work environment that does not discriminate against any individual in any means or on any premise. Here are topics and areas we pay special attention to and apply in our daily lives and work because they are important to us on both a personal and organizational level.

On a Personal Level


Ensuring gender equality in our company is not only a moral imperative, but also a strategic business decision. We embrace diversity and eliminate gender-based discrimination to foster an inclusive and safe work environment. We are specifically committed to zero pay gaps, which is essential to maintaining a fair and transparent compensation structure. Ultimately, we strive to champion gender equality not only to adhere to ethical standards but also to cultivate a dynamic and innovative workplace. All genders are welcome!


We are proud to represent the LGBTIQ+ community. We will not do business or associate with individuals or organizations that openly discriminate against LGBTIQ+ people or their shared values.


Including neurodiverse individuals into our team is crucial for fostering innovation and creativity in our organization. We embrace diverse perspectives, including those of neurodiverse individuals, it enhances our problem-solving capabilities and promotes a rich tapestry of ideas. We are commited to providing tailored support and cultivating an inclusive environment. This underscores our dedication to harnessing the unique strengths that neurodiverse individuals bring to the table, contributing to a workplace culture that values diversity, and equality.

Physical Disabilities

As a remote-first organization, we prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, making it easier for individuals with physical disabilities to join our team. Our commitment to remote work eliminates physical barriers, providing flexibility and equal opportunity for all team members. By embracing a remote-first approach, we not only ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce, but also create an environment where individuals with physical disabilities can thrive and contribute their unique talents.


In our company, we strongly reject ageism as it hinders the potential for a diverse and multi-generational workforce. We believe that a culture of inclusion, free from age bias, fosters an environment where varied experiences and perspectives converge, driving innovation and collective success.

Lookism / Body Positivity

It is important for us to actively reject lookism and promote body positivity because we recognize the intrinsic value of every individual beyond external appearances. We appreciate each team member for their unique qualities, not their looks. In doing so, we strive to cultivate an inclusive environment that promotes well-being and mutual respect.

Religion and Beliefs

In our organizational context, we believe that religious beliefs and practices are deeply individual and should not impede collaborative efforts within an intercultural team. In fact, we are a diverse team and we embrace our differences, which includes respecting religious and personal beliefs. In our team, individuals feel valued regardless of their beliefs. We unequivocally reject any form of discrimination based on religion and commit to working only with those who share our dedication to promoting acceptance and unity among people.

Our Principles and Convictions as an Organization


We are strong deputies of human freedom, including the right to freedom of speech and diverse opinions. We believe that a culture of open dialogue fosters creativity and innovation. We encourage a respectful exchange of ideas, recognizing that diverse perspectives are essential for the growth and success in our organization.

EU Values

By living and building our business within the European Union, we strongly align with the core values of unity, diversity, and collaboration that the EU represents. Embracing the principles of a borderless, interconnected Europe, we believe in harnessing the strength that comes from cultural diversity and collaborative efforts, both of which are integral to the essence of the European Union.

Peace, No War!

No to war! Full stop.

No Discrimination

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination in any form. Discrimination is contrary to our values as human beings, and we actively work to ensure that everyone, regardless of background, is given equal opportunities and respect within our organization.

No to Politicisation

We firmly stand against politicising our work environment. Our focus is on creating an inclusive and collaborative space where diverse perspectives are welcomed, and individuals can work together regardless of political affiliations. By prioritizing a neutral and apolitical atmosphere, we aim to foster a safe and fair work environment.

No to Any Type of Extremism

We strongly oppose extremism. We are committed to maintaining a work environment free from ideologies that promote discrimination or hatred.

No to Toxicity

We take a firm stand against toxicity in our working environment. Our commitment is to cultivate a positive and supportive workplace culture where mutual respect, collaboration, and open communication thrive. By fostering an atmosphere that values well-being and teamwork, we aim to create a space where every team member can do their best work in a healthy and constructive setting.