About us

We make workation safe, simple and fair for everyone. Anywhere.

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We are a team of entrepreneurs committed to changing traditional office boundaries. Our mission at LUBYO is to reshape the way we work by embracing innovation, flexibility and promoting #NewWork.

We are a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our deep expertise spans HR, sustainability, mobility, and geography. This knowledge, coupled with our passion for travel and dynamic work environments, fuels our drive. We're dedicated to crafting the LUBYO platform for our customers and partners.

Led by a group of visionary founders, digital nomads and remote-work enthusiasts, we understand the needs of modern businesses to develop the best employer branding strategies to attract and retain the best talent.

But it's not just our business acumen that sets us apart - it's our shared values and determination to make a difference. We believe in fostering a global community that thrives on freedom, collaboration and creativity. This belief, coupled with our extensive industry network, enables us to connect businesses with the perfect solution for their people.

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We live - what we offer

For remote workers - by remote workers

We believe 100% in what we do. It's a principle that applies not only to our work, but also to our lives. This is how we maintain our life-work balance

We are a learning company

As a learning-centric company, we prioritize continuous professional development. We invest time during work hours in skill development, ensuring our team stays current with industry trends for top-notch expertise.

Diversity is our strength

We come from different backgrounds and cultures. We hold different opinions and beliefs. We recognise and respect our differences because it broadens our perspective and encourages creative solutions

New work as a moto

Join us on the journey to redefine outdated standards and unlock new freedom possibilities. Together, we are shaping a future where work is infused with vacation feeling